Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Lazy Holidaze

Well, it's official... we are done for this semester! Colin finished his last final yesterday and I turned in my last take home final on Tuesday.  This week I have been working full time shifts which has been hard to adjust to. Colin agrees since he took off Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and worked a full day today.  It's always hard adjusting to a new schedule.  We both just feel so lazy.  Now that we aren't running around crazy with homework and work and everything, we just want to do NOTHING! We are very looking forward to going to Twin Falls and relaxing while spending time with our fun family.
Speaking of family, our extended family is extending even more! Colin's sister, Becky, is having another little girl in February.  We are excited for little Lydia to get here.  Also, Ariel and Brian officially announced via facebook and blog (haha) that they are having a baby also.  Their first will be joining us in July.  We knew awhile ago (the women in this family can't help but pass on the wonderful news).  But, we kept it quiet until after their first appointment or at least til it showed up online.
Christmas is soon on it's way and there's still a few people I need to shop for including the husband.  I have got him a couple things, but then he told me he went crazy shopping for me and bought me like 6 things.  So, now I feel bad because there are more things I thought of getting him but may not have time to buy them.  My husband is just so sticking cute.  He's hid my Christmas presents in the Man Room (our spare room where Colin stashes all his stuff and some of my crap too) and has banned me from going in and snooping.  He knows me so well.  Also, last night, since I had to close and didn't get home until after 8, I asked Colin to get started.  When I got home, the table was set with wine glasses and juice and he used our tiny Christmas tree as "candlelight".  He also prepared a salad and garlic bread to go with our spaghetti.  Then, during dinner, he told me he also did a load of my laundry... Could I ask for a better husband? I think not...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Harry Potter Weekend Alone

Well, at Thanksgiving, Colin was lucky enough to bring the snowmobiles back with us to Rexburg until Christmas.  He has been DYING to take them out.  So, when he found out he did not have to work this weekend and that his old roommates were going up to Island Park, he jumped at the opportunity to go.  I, unfortunately had to work this morning.  I was hoping the roads were good enough for me to take my little car up, but they are completely iced over.  So, now I am at home, alone, watching a Harry Potter marathon on TV and doing homework... and of course, blogging...
On a more exciting note... I got my student teaching assignment! I will be student teaching in a 5th grade class at Falls Valley Elementary in Idaho Falls. I am excited that it is closer than I thought I would be assigned, but nervous at the same time.  I have never worked with students over 3rd so it will definately be an adjustment and a challenge.
Colin has been looking into a flight school in Ohio that allows students to decide how often and how long it takes them to do all their ratings.  So, he's thinking of going 6 or 7 days a week and just getting it done in a month or two.  Unfortunately, that means I will have to be in Idaho by myself, which is sad, but it will get him done with it that much sooner. 
Graduation is soon approaching and as we make decisions and see how our lives are starting to unfold after college, it has been exciting and a bit scary to think about.  We have been blessed so much, especially recently, with our plans, opportunities and the means to do it falling into place so seamlessly.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Giving of Thanks

Well, here it is... after 11 months of everyone I know bugging me, I am pleased to present THE BLOG! After some blood, sweat, and tears while trying to figure this thing out, I may have actually figured it out.  The hardest part has got to be deciding on the background... I have a feeling mine will change often because I am just so indecisive, as women are known to be. 
Now, let us begin the chat of the Thanksgiving feasting.  Colin and I spent Thanksgiving at Mom and Dad Sorensen's.  After a 5 hour, white knuckled drive from Rexburg, on icy roads, snow drifts, and nearly being run off the road by an incompetent semi truck driver I might add, we made it to Twin Falls.  I really felt the urge to kiss the ground when I got out, but it was snowy and cold, so I held back.  When we woke up Thanksgiving morning, we could smell the turkey and other delicious treats.  Already on the bar we were Mexican Dip, Spinach Dip, M&M's, cashews, banana bread, veggie and relish tray.  Not to mention the rolls were rising, potatoes were boiling, ham and turkey cooking, and gravy was thickening.  Do we ever overdo the amount of food at holidays? I think not...
Mom Sorensen invited Trudy Weddle (however you spell it) to eat dinner with us.  She is this cute, old, little, German lady that she teaches primary with.  Oh man, what a hoot she was.  She is 82 years old and has the humor and energy of a 18 year old.  She loves everything and everyone.  Her accent is thick so it is hard to understand her, but the funny stories she told kept all of us roaring with laughter.  She originally was from the Czech Republic and was there during the war.  She told us a story about when the Russians were coming through the villages and were taking young girls.  A Polish man volunteered to hide all the girls in his barn, up in the landing, underneath hay and straw.  Then, he moved them to a field because he was afraid they would burn the barn down and kill them all.  In the field, the Russians would run their horses through it, either trampling the girls or catching them.  So, he hid the girls in the forest, where the horses couldn't go and the girls would be able to hear them coming and they could run away.  When they had to leave their home, her father opened up all the gates and the barn doors and moved the animals out into the open so they could wander off and be able to find food in the wild.  But, all the animals stayed by him, and wouldn't run off.  She said her father came back into the house and cried.  Anyways, she left when she was 17.  She married an American man who was in the service.  They lived at army bases all over the world.  She has had quite the life and somehow, miraculously, lived through it all and ended up alone in Twin Falls.  She provided so much insight into life.  We were grateful to have her at our table and to be able to hear her story and provide so much perspective on how blessed we really are.