Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Lazy Holidaze

Well, it's official... we are done for this semester! Colin finished his last final yesterday and I turned in my last take home final on Tuesday.  This week I have been working full time shifts which has been hard to adjust to. Colin agrees since he took off Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and worked a full day today.  It's always hard adjusting to a new schedule.  We both just feel so lazy.  Now that we aren't running around crazy with homework and work and everything, we just want to do NOTHING! We are very looking forward to going to Twin Falls and relaxing while spending time with our fun family.
Speaking of family, our extended family is extending even more! Colin's sister, Becky, is having another little girl in February.  We are excited for little Lydia to get here.  Also, Ariel and Brian officially announced via facebook and blog (haha) that they are having a baby also.  Their first will be joining us in July.  We knew awhile ago (the women in this family can't help but pass on the wonderful news).  But, we kept it quiet until after their first appointment or at least til it showed up online.
Christmas is soon on it's way and there's still a few people I need to shop for including the husband.  I have got him a couple things, but then he told me he went crazy shopping for me and bought me like 6 things.  So, now I feel bad because there are more things I thought of getting him but may not have time to buy them.  My husband is just so sticking cute.  He's hid my Christmas presents in the Man Room (our spare room where Colin stashes all his stuff and some of my crap too) and has banned me from going in and snooping.  He knows me so well.  Also, last night, since I had to close and didn't get home until after 8, I asked Colin to get started.  When I got home, the table was set with wine glasses and juice and he used our tiny Christmas tree as "candlelight".  He also prepared a salad and garlic bread to go with our spaghetti.  Then, during dinner, he told me he also did a load of my laundry... Could I ask for a better husband? I think not...

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