Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Harry Potter Weekend Alone

Well, at Thanksgiving, Colin was lucky enough to bring the snowmobiles back with us to Rexburg until Christmas.  He has been DYING to take them out.  So, when he found out he did not have to work this weekend and that his old roommates were going up to Island Park, he jumped at the opportunity to go.  I, unfortunately had to work this morning.  I was hoping the roads were good enough for me to take my little car up, but they are completely iced over.  So, now I am at home, alone, watching a Harry Potter marathon on TV and doing homework... and of course, blogging...
On a more exciting note... I got my student teaching assignment! I will be student teaching in a 5th grade class at Falls Valley Elementary in Idaho Falls. I am excited that it is closer than I thought I would be assigned, but nervous at the same time.  I have never worked with students over 3rd so it will definately be an adjustment and a challenge.
Colin has been looking into a flight school in Ohio that allows students to decide how often and how long it takes them to do all their ratings.  So, he's thinking of going 6 or 7 days a week and just getting it done in a month or two.  Unfortunately, that means I will have to be in Idaho by myself, which is sad, but it will get him done with it that much sooner. 
Graduation is soon approaching and as we make decisions and see how our lives are starting to unfold after college, it has been exciting and a bit scary to think about.  We have been blessed so much, especially recently, with our plans, opportunities and the means to do it falling into place so seamlessly.

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